Friday, August 9, 2013

Horseshoe Bay

We've had the pleasure of staying at one of our favorite places, Horseshoe Bay, TWICE this summer: once for the weekend of my brother's engagement and another with friends.

(Quick funny story:  Aunt Samantha stayed with us at the Horseshoe Bay Marriott during Luke's engagement weekend.  Since Samantha just arrived from her flight in DC, it was too confusing to Palmer to explain where Samantha lived and why we were all staying together at the HSB Marriott.  So, we settled with, "this is Samantha's house".  A month later, we pulled up to the Marriott and Palmer said, "OH!  We are going to Samantha's house!!!"  Oops.)

Rick and I got married here five years ago (can you believe it??) and we just love the atmosphere and water activities.

First things first.  Our 2013 obligatory wedding spot photo op:
Last summer, 2012:
 Wedding day, 2008:
How many people does it take to drive a golf cart?
And how many friends does it take to push the golf cart when it runs out of battery juice (whoops)? Um, that may or may not have happened two different times.  We didn't learn our lesson the first time.
Sweet sunset friends:
Speaking of friends, Rick made a new friend on the golf course.  And made some bets on that golf course.  And won this watch on the golf course.
I'm still having a hard time believing the story, but his eyewitnesses swear it's true.

All dressed up with nowhere to go at Horseshoe Bay.
We love our summer memories at Horseshoe Bay.  Five years ago, Rick and I began our life together in this resort town.  We look forward to many many memories here to come.


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