Thursday, March 6, 2014

21 Days and Counting!

Oh my goodness.  Palmer is in birthday-party-mode these days.  He has been talking about his birthday and his Curious George party for weeks and weeks.

Lately, I literally get asked, "Are you going to my birthday party, yes or no?" about 10 times a day.  I usually tell him, "Of course. And I'm bringing the cake."

And when he wants to be rebellious (and earn a free ride to time out!), Palmer says, "You can't go to my birthday.  And my daddy will bring the cake."  Oooh, buddy.  Those are fighting words.

The kids in Palmer's playgroup all have birthdays within 3 months of each other, so us parents like to refer to this time of year as "the birthday party season".  I think that's part of why Palmer talks about his birthday so much.

Nevertheless, the planning details have gotten more and more specific with each passing day.

I think Palmer knows I am a bit tired of the topic because this morning he said, "Is it okay if we talk about my birthday party?"  After I pulled out the audio recorder, I gave the go ahead:

And in case you were confused about the cake, please accept this clarification:
Twenty-one days and counting!

(And by the way, we have much more exciting events before we even get to Palmer's birthday.  My brother gets married in 16 days!!!)

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