Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Break Stay-Cation

Given that Palmer had no preschool last week for Spring Break, I had ambitious plans to have a fun-filled stay-cation week.  It was no Cabo like last year's Spring Break, that's for dang sure, but we did manage to have some fun play dates with friends and family during the whole week.

Palmer got put to work in the yard over in Fort Worth when we ventured that way to visit Gram and Paw Paw.
We also accompanied my mom and Jeff on their weekly dinner outing with my grandparents.  My grandmother is losing her mind very rapidly.  I can't imagine how frustrated it must be for my very lucid grandfather to see his wife struggling with remembering how to operate a car seat belt and her own walker.

Friends from our playgroup met up at the Arboretum to enjoy the nice weather and a picnic lunch.  We lucked out and hit up a "Toddler Tuesday" event with a petting zoo and face painting.
The kids mostly liked to argue over the 4 pony brushes in the petting zoo available for about 25 kids.

It's amazing how the boys and girls divided at face painting decision time.  The boys picked Tigers and Bat Man for their face designs, while the girls picked things like "Purple Princess Mask".  I can't believe how often the genders split at such an early age.

Here's my happy tiger:
And you know what?  Even tigers have to take trips to the dentist after the Arboretum:

After spending time at the Arboretum with a few thousand of our closest friends, my neighbor and I scrapped our original plans to go to Fossil Rim for the day.  We figured we could beat the Spring Break crowd and go one quieter spring day.

So, we took Palmer, Lily, and Kate to The Lot instead.  Us mommas enjoyed our lunch in peace while the kids had a ball playing in the sand.

Palmer hosted the Burrus kids over for a play date in the morning.  Charlie and Evie are the proud older siblings of 4-week-old Baby Ford.  We gave their momma a break and loved having the kids for a morning of playing on the roller coaster and bikes in the driveway.

Trying to squeeze out the last bit of nice weather during Spring Break, we hit up the park again with play group friends before venturing out with about 8 kids for lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant.  I must be slacking because I have no pictures to document this.

We also enjoyed some golf course action over the weekend.
Palmer and Rick try to get out fairly often, but I usually opt for some quiet time instead of going out with them.  I went out on their last trip, but sadly learned that the golf cart is too bumpy at the moment for my growing belly (10 more weeks!).  
I got dropped off at the 19th hole and enjoyed a lovely lemonade out on the sunny patio instead!


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