Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Palmer

After counting down for weeks and weeks, March 25 finally arrived.  Palmer was so excited about his birthday and had big plans for the day.

As has become a new tradition, we started the morning with lights on the stairs...
...and birthday pancakes with candles.
Palmer learned how to cut properly with a fork and knife last week and is very big into practicing.  Look at the concentration.
Next up was present time.  Mid-Christmas morning, Rick and I looked at each other and decided that Palmer had enough presents, so we snuck away with one unopened big present: a guitar.  Three months later, Palmer got to open this present.  And yes, I left the Christmas paper on.  This child could care less and does not know the difference! ha.
 The guitar was a huge hit and Palmer quickly made Rick go upstairs to get his guitar.
Too bad neither guy has a clue how to play...
At school, Palmer was welcomed by a birthday sign and learned that he shared a birthday celebration with another little girl in his class.  Palmer was very proud of the M&M cookies that he picked out for the morning snack.
In the evening, we celebrated over cake with some neighborhood friends.  As requested, Palmer had a "vanilla on the bottom, chocolate on the top, M&Ms and strawberries on top" cake.  It was a dry run for the full cake that I'll put together at Saturday's party.
 This boy was a tad excited about his cake!
One more present from Palmer's friend Charlotte: a child's digital camera.  I recently mentioned Palmer is a fan of taking pictures and already loves this new toy!
What a fun day!  We'll continue to celebrate our three-year-old with a party this weekend.


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