Sunday, March 30, 2014

Third Year Update

We have a three-year-old.  Oh my.  I was super nostalgic with the first birthday, less so with the second, and now I am just enjoying my fun little boy for this third milestone.  Maybe it helps that I know we have another baby on the way and I really need my three-year-old to be my big helper!

First up, our regular growth photos with Mr. Elephant:

Two Years:
 Two and a Half Years:
 Three Years:
Three-Year Stats:
Height: 38 inches, (62nd percentile)
Weight: 37 lbs, (91st percentile)
Number of Teeth: 20 (a full set of baby teeth)
(The Dr told me at his 3-yr well check that Palmer has "good muscle mass" and looks like he will be an athlete.  I am hoping he isn't a star athlete.  Too much worrying is required from a mom if that happens.)

Palmer is very good about playing outside on his bicycles, riding toys, scooter, etc.  He is also happy to play by himself in the garage and always comes out with all sorts of random fun objects like a croquet set or a wheelbarrow or a stick to go bang.  Bad weather days are tough in this household because Palmer is happiest out in the sunshine playing alone or with the neighbor kids in the front yard.

Palmer has had a love with fire trucks for a long time.  He has every area station memorized on our regular in-town commutes and usually has a lot of questions about the particular truck in the station depending on if the station doors are open or closed.  (IE "Is the fire truck sleeping because he had a busy night with a fire last night?", etc.)  If you ask Palmer what he wants to give somebody for Christmas or their birthday, his answer is always a fire truck.  Also, Palmer always wants to wear his fire truck shirt and underwear, if it is clean.
The stuffed little George is still Palmer's buddy and regularly "goes to work" with Rick.  Palmer likes to call Rick and check on what George is up to.  Rick loves to tell tales of George getting into the copy room and making a mess or helping Rick draw on his office white board.  Curious George books and shows are also a favorite in this household.

Rick and I got Palmer a train table with many Thomas trains for Christmas and Palmer regularly entertains himself at the table while I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner.  Palmer is slowly learning how to put the tracks back together if they come apart, but for now the role of the table is mostly imaginative play.

Overall, our little guy is pretty happy-go-lucky.  He loves to say in the morning, "What do you want to do today, mommy?"  He is just as happy out running errands with me as he is playing on the floor with toys.  Palmer is a joy to have as a companion no matter what we choose to do on any given day.
Overall, I would describe Palmer as confident, outgoing, independent, and fearless.  He is not scared of new situations and is the first to try just about anything without thinking twice.  He is an entertainer and knows no strangers.  The best thing you can do in his mind is laugh at Palmer, the ham.  He also gets bored and craves regular stimulation and interaction.
Palmer is a good listener and follows direction extremely well.  He also is one to want to do everything by himself, almost to a fault.  I've mentioned before that he often insists on going upstairs by himself to take a nap.  The independence makes me both proud and sad that he doesn't need my help.  However, I know the independence will be extremely helpful when we soon have a baby in the house.

Palmer knows how to be very nurturing to little ones, but doesn't always understand the concept of "gentle".  I expect it to be a little frightening to have the two children in the same vicinity for a little while.
And how could I not mention the infamous Palmer smile?  Most pictures look something like this:
Palmer, we love you.  You are such a fun three-year-old.


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