Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Brother is Married, Part One

After "the most dramatic engagement ever" (please read that in Chris Harrison's voice), last weekend was finally Luke and Holly's wedding!

The entire weekend was perfect and beautiful.  We could not have had more fun in Austin for the occasion.

Holly's friend, Amye, threw a delicious bridal luncheon on Friday:
My mom, sister, and I quickly scurried to the infamous downtown Scholz Garten after lunch for rehearsal dinner set-up.  We were going for a casual Texas wildflower theme.
A special shout-out goes to my stepsister, Erin, who put together all of the floral arrangements.  Mom and I brought all of the flowers home in bulk from the florist and then kinda looked at each other and said, "Now what??"  We all have different gifts.  Mine is vision, but not execution, of a floral arrangement.
Luke and Holly's wedding was south of Austin in the hill country, but they were so smart to have their rehearsal in town near the rehearsal dinner.  We set-up on Town Lake for the practicing.  I just love Austin so much.  This is one of my favorite areas in the city.
Ever the entertainer, Palmer the ring bearer decided it was appropriate to "fist-pound" the pastor, the groom, and each of the groomsman on his way down the line:
Practicing standing by daddy:
Holly altered her mother's wedding dress to wear for Friday's rehearsal festivities:

I tried my best to embarrass Luke at the rehearsal dinner with a slideshow filled with baby photos and a speech of childhood stories.  My favorite story is when Luke was about 8 years old and declared he wasn't planning on getting married because he had a very important unsharpened pencil collection.  Luke was afraid that a wife would come into the picture and sharpen his pencils.  Just in case Luke was having any last-minute doubts, I gave Luke and Holly their own set of unsharpened pencils.
 Samantha was in town from DC!  Samantha, it's time to move back to Texas.
My groom:

Saturday festivities to come in a Part Two post...


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