Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Coming Home

Let the madness begin...

After our quiet bonding time in the hospital, we were released to the wolves who awaited at home.
Here we go into reality with two kids and a real family of four...I think Rick's face below accurately describes our fears.
When putting Grace into her car seat, we quickly realized nothing had been adjusted since Palmer last sat in the seat.  Whoops.  And so the second child syndrome begins...
Me and my mini-me are headed home!!
Uncle Luke was put in charge of Palmer while Aunts Holly and Samantha came up to the hospital to help us get discharged.

Lord knows what Uncle Luke and Palmer were doing while I was gone because we pulled up to see a boy wearing a kitchen apron and a bicycle helmet.  Thanks, Luke.  These first family photos are gonna be *awesome*!

I missed my boy so much!
Big brother Palmer was so so excited to show Grace everything.  He quickly hopped into the car to help Grace get out.
Expected regression from the three-year-old:
We left this porch stoop as three and came back as a family of four:
Palmer was very eager to "carry" Grace upstairs to show her her room, her chair, her toys, etc. etc.  What a sweet brother Palmer already is!
Welcome home, Gracie Grace.

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