Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

After some pretty crazy weeks between Grace's birth and a hectic work schedule for Rick, we had a nice, long, and relaxing Father's Day weekend filled with the lake, golf, and swimming.
We had ambitious plans to go to Horseshoe Bay as soon as Rick's big project wrapped, but when all of the resort town was seemingly booked for Father's Day weekend, we opted to stay in the area and enjoy our normal area activities at bay.

First stop: the lake house for Grace's inaugural visit.
Baby Grace got a lot of bonding time with Grandma Grace (GG).
GG said it was a little strange to see someone else wearing a shirt with her name and to hear her name called out when we were talking to the baby.

Back in town, the guys headed out for a typical Saturday morning of karate and donuts followed by golf.
Apparently, shoes were optional as Palmer got a little carried away in a sand bunker and had to ditch the footwear.
We had a fun evening at the Burrus' with the Stoltz family.  It is so much fun to be with both families right now because we all have new babies and all have older children.  We are able to swap survival guides during this new phase of multiple children.
On Sunday, Palmer decided we needed to follow up a breakfast outing with a homemade cake.  Complete with candles (2 for 2 kids) and a rendition of "Happy Father's Day to You...", Palmer was very proud of the cake he made and iced on his own.
Father's Day afternoon was spent at the pool.  We are trying to learn the ropes between a pool-side, shade-limited newborn and an active swimming three-year-old...
 Dinner is much more fun with friends at the picnic table...
Overall, it was a great weekend despite our original thwarted plans to leave town.  Happy Father's Day to one of the hardest-working and loving fathers I know.  We love you, Rick.


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