Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sibling Presents

I decided to do a small present from Grace to Palmer and from Palmer to Grace during the initial sibling meeting in the hospital.

Palmer poses for all of his birthday photos with Mr. Elephant.
I showed Palmer the same brand of stuffed animals and let him pick out Grace's birthday friend.  He picked out the "pink kitty" for her birthday milestones.  See Grace with her new present at the one-week mark:
As you can see from the video, Palmer was very excited to give Grace her present when he met her in the hospital.  But, he was even more excited to learn Grace got something for him, too...
Grace just knew Palmer would love a fire truck tent...
...which we absolutely set up right in the middle of the hospital recovery room, much to the poor nurse's dismay.
The fire truck is a hit and has found a home on Palmer's bed.  What little boy wouldn't want to sleep in a fire truck during naptime?
Sibling bribery.  It's a beautiful thing.

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