Sunday, June 22, 2014

Grace's First Month

We survived the first month.  I would even maybe perhaps say we conquered the first month.  Between a lot of family and friends' help in the first two weeks and flying solo for the second two weeks, I am proud to announce that all of us have managed to stay fed, clothed, and somewhat clean.  That is my definition of "conquer" these days...
After Aunt Samantha left, we had the huge help of my mom and Jeff for the next week.  Both grandparents spent equal time loving on their two grandchildren, helping me, and making a dent in my honey-do Gram/PawPaw-do list around the house.  They were such a huge blessing for the week.
Juggling the two kids has been a fine balance of keeping Palmer's rhythm and activity level normal all the while trying to get Grace into a good sleeping/eating schedule.
Gram was a good sport to get in the water with Palmer at the splash park one afternoon:
 Grace and I sat on the sidelines...
 ...until I got talked into going on one of the playground rides.
It is also always helpful when Nana and Aunt Amanda pop in for a visit to lend a hand and fill our fridge!!

Once on our own, we've begun to settle into a rhythm.  Although all of the family in our home was a lifesaver, it seems like Palmer is adjusting better to this transition time with the sole help of his mom and dad because he is yearning for his normal routine as much as possible.

"Grace, please don't make that face.  We are going to be just fine on our own."
Grace's growth progress over the last month:

First month stats:
Length: 21.5 inches
Weight: 9 lb, 12 oz
Head: 37 cm

1 week:
 2 weeks:
 3 weeks:
1 month:

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