Monday, June 30, 2014

Pool Time

If you ask me during the dark of winter, I will curse our country club membership (read: club bill) up and down.  But in the summer, we get so much enjoyment from the pool that I forget my February blues.

There's something magical about this particular pool because it sort of sits up on top of a hill and there is always a breeze and the acoustics are such that it's always pretty quiet, even on a busy afternoon.

Palmer started out the summer season a little hesitant about swimming underwater and jumping into the water or off of the diving board.  This was surprising because he was the youngest kid to jump off the diving board last summer.  (Palmer kept telling me, "Mom, when I was 2, I jumped off of the diving board, but now that I am 3, it's too high!")
My friend Katie suggested his fear is a good developmental phase for Palmer because he is smarter than last summer and more aware.  Nevertheless, after a private swimming lesson and a lot of bribery over ice cream...
...Palmer is back into his old ways and swimming really well, jumping off the board, and even sliding down the big slide:
Poor Rick was exhausted last night when he had to go down the slide with Palmer about 15 times.  Rick said, "my old body is just not built to do this over and over!"

I'm learning how to juggle my attention between a newborn who needs to stay in the shade and an active water-logged three-year-old.
We've loved having friends out to the pool and playmates like Charlie and Evie make it easier to take care of Palmer from the side when my hands are full:

 Happy summer.

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  1. I feel exactly the same way as you do, Bethany! Summer has a way of making us forget stress. It's the best season to relax under the sun and enjoy the warm waters. Anyway, Palmer must've had a lot of fun swimming. Glad to hear that he learnt from last summer's experiences. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that fun adventure with us. Take care! :)

    Joanne Henry @ Tranquility Pools