Monday, September 29, 2014

Four Months With Grace

Grace is such a happy little gal.  We adore her sweet and laid back personality.  As a second child, she pretty much goes with the flow.
Four-month stats:
Length: 24.5 inches (50%)
Weight: 14 lb, 1 oz (50-75%)
Head: 40 cm (10-25%)

Oops.  She found the monitor camera in her crib:
New Skills:
*Sitting like a tripod.  If Grace is positioned to hold herself up in a seated position with her arms, Grace can balance and "sit" for seconds at a time.
(Don't you love the Thomas the Train sticker I am sporting on my shirt?  It's the latest fashion.)

*Rolling from back to belly.  So, this skill has been sort of important.  Grace prefers to sleep on her belly and when the teachers at school put Grace on her back to sleep (as mandated by law), Grace can now work to roll into the position she prefers.

Speaking of school, today was Grace's last day.  After a month's trial, we decided two different school drop-offs and pick-ups was too much for our little gal (and her mama).  She cried in the car all the way to Palmer's school and then to hers because it interfered with her morning nap and she just wanted to sleep.  We just loved Grace's teacher, Miss Pam, and Miss Pam was in love with Grace (as you can see in Grace's VIP carrying position at the fire truck field trip below), but Mother's Day Out ended up being too much for at her young state.  We will put her back in when she is older.

*Jumparoo - Grace loves to bounce up and down (with the booster help of a law book) and is starting to play with the toys on the jumparoo tray.
*Toys - Grace is experimenting with toys that have texture.  For a few weeks, she was crying every single time we would get in the car.  Now, she happily plays with a blanket square that crinkles and a little toy with mirrors while we drive around town.
*Palmer - As mentioned last month, Grace already adores her brother and loves to watch whatever he is doing.  Along those lines, Palmer loves his baby sister.  Every morning, Palmer comes with me to wake up Grace in her crib.  He usually welcomes her to the day with, "Good morning, Grace.  It's the big brother.  I love you," and often ends by singing a song to her.
"Palmer, I am very curious about you..."
Gracie Girl, we love you.  Your smiles brighten our day and your sweetness softens our heart.

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  1. She is such a pretty girl!
    I love all her hair bows-where are you finding such cute bows?