Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lake Mode

Now that we've been settled back in Dallas for a few days, it's been important to look thru all of the pictures from last month and do a little reflection.

Rick and I are very fortunate that our schedules allow room for flexibility so that we can do a long trip to Horseshoe Bay.  Given the length of the trip, it was very much a working trip for Rick.  We basically moved down south for the month and combined a vacation life with our regular life.

Some take-aways that I want to remember:

1.  In general, we need to slow down and Horseshoe Bay forced and allowed that.  I left my never-ending to-do list in Dallas along with my endless errands.  Since the closest town is about 20 minutes away (and once you get there, it's really not that big), Grace wasn't too keen on being in the car for the long car rides.  So, we stayed at the resort most of the time.

Our lake schedule consisted of a big outing in the morning (one of the pools or a lake activity), lunch at home, naps for both kiddos at home, dinner, and evening lake swimming.  It was lovely and we really enjoyed the time together as a family.  During the week, there weren't many people around and days passed where I never spoke to another adult.

2.  My kids are great.  I know, I'm completely biased.  But, man, I love my kids.
Palmer is such a good big brother.  He is completely patient when I need to leave him alone and go feed Grace or put her down for a nap.  He never complains and always goes and plays on his own until I can interact with him again.

Rick worked at our small condo many days.  Again, Palmer completely understood the need to be quiet when Rick was on a work phone call.  Often, Palmer would come over and stage whisper to me that we need to be quiet because "daddy's call is important".

Grace is so flexible.  We completely rocked her world and forced many morning naps by the pool and changed her entire Dallas familiar scenery.  She didn't flinch and actually flourished by developing predictable naps and eating session.

3.  It's nice to have Rick around.  It's no secret that Rick's work schedule is grueling and he has to be gone a lot.  Rick tried so hard to spend as much time in town during our stay.

The result was a much rested and tanner husband who got to spend quality time with all three of us.  It was the best gift we could get.

4.  We need Boston.  Boston was at a boarder during the trip because he wasn't allowed at the condo.  Man, I've never cleaned so much after meals.  I got to the point where I forced all meals (100 degrees or not) out on the dock because the after meal clean up was killing me.  I don't know how you people do it without a dog, but I haven't been so happy to see our little vacuum Boston in a long time.

So, now we are shifting to fall and the start of of new school for both kids.  Palmer will go to his preschool class three days a week and Miss Grace is going to start infant Mother's Day Out two days a week.  Good bye, summer.

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