Thursday, September 11, 2014

School Days

Two kids this fall means two different schools.

Palmer is continuing at the wonderful school where he has been since he was three months old.  Now, he is in the three-year-old class (and THEN the four-year-old class and THEN Kindergarten.  aghhhhhhh).
However, Palmer's school only has full-time infant care, something we needed when I worked full-time while Palmer was an infant, but not something we need now.

It is important to Rick and me to socialize our babies at an early age and teach them the concept of "you are one of many" and structure.  So, Grace is attending Mother's Day Out down the street from Palmer's school two days a week.
 I'm so glad everyone was "super cooperative" for the first day of school photo shoot.
Small mountains were moved, bribes were made, and curse words were uttered under the breath in order to get the "sweet looking" shots.

And we are off to school...
Miss Mary and Palmer:
And for the record, Grace, your father got on a conference call after he dropped off Palmer.  I just want you to remember when you are a teenage girl and hating your mother and adoring your father that your mom was there on your first day of school.  Just remember.  That's all.

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