Sunday, May 31, 2015

We Have A Walker!

As you probably know, Texas has been under an extreme amount of rain for the past few months.  In Dallas, May has the most rain on record and we are on pace to beat the 1957 record of most rain to date.

Having said that, we haven't been outside a ton and jumped at the chance to go to the splash park one recent sunny evening.
Palmer has always loved the splash park, but new to him this year is a companion who is equally as excited about the water activity.

Grace's bear crawl:
No, my bathing suit fits just perfectly.  What are you talking about?
Grace has been on the verge of walking for over a month now, but for some reason, the splash park gave Grace the extra boost of confidence she needed.  She stood on her own for the first time at the splash park and made efforts to take a step.
Palmer is always her number one cheerleader for anything and everything.
When we got home and showed Rick, we all got to witness her first steps and even got a video of it.
Good job, Grace!!


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