Thursday, October 29, 2015

All Things Pumpkin

While visiting in Houston, Adrienne took us to such a fun pumpkin farm out in the country.  The spectacle was so much more than just a mere pumpkin patch, that I hate to even allude to it just being a patch.

Think more mini-carnival with kettle corn and roasted ears of corn and hay mazes and slides and duck races and train rides and much more.

We had a ball running around (and with these two crazy kids, I DO mean running.  Poor pregnant Adrienne was a TROOPER!)
The icing on the cake (vine on the pumpkin??) was the pumpkin patch at the end of our visit. Adrienne taught Palmer the tricks of the trade ("pick a pumpkin as big as your head so that you can carry it" and "the stem is the key to a good pumpkin") and off they went...
Meanwhile, I chased lil "miss I can run away from you now"...
At least one kid wanted to pose for me:
Two kids?  Haha.  Yeah, right.
Love these little pumpkin carts.  They work well for children, too:
Back at home, we decorated the pumpkin Jordan-style: with stickers.  This might be the last year that I can get away with avoiding a proper carving, but I will take it.
"Palmer, smile!"
(umm, thanks...)
Much better (with pre-carved fake pumpkin, mind you...)

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