Thursday, October 15, 2015


Palmer has been super into space for over a year now.  You may recall his astronaut Halloween costume last year to kick off the obsession.

When people ask me if our family has an interest in going to Disney, my answer at this point is no.

Palmer isn't that into Disney characters and although he would enjoy the rides, we have Six Flags in our backyard, so why fly elsewhere?  Grace is too young for us to gauge her princess interest level yet.  However, I would qualify a visit to the NASA Johnson Space Center up there as something like Palmer's version of Disney.

We made a visit down to Houston last weekend to visit dear friends Persis and Adrienne.  While there, I talked Persis and 4-yr-old Olivia into a morning at NASA.

Palmer could not have been more excited.  He told his teachers, classmates, and outright strangers about his pending trip to "see mission control".

The kids were so hilarious on the morning of our trip.  Palmer came out in his astronaut costume.  Olivia followed suit and came out in...her Cinderella dress.
Palmer looked at Olivia confused and was like, "Um, we are going to NASA..."  Olivia said, "I know.  I'm ready."  Palmer: "That's not what you wear at NASA."  Olivia, "You are wearing dress up and I'm wearing dress up...."  I was rolling with laughter.
The kids got a ton of attention with everyone saying, "Hey cool.  Look at the astronaut.  Oh and...the astronaut princess."  I told Palmer to say "CHEESE" for a photo and he replied, "BLAST OFF".  I told Olivia to say "BLAST OFF" and she sweetly gestured, "CINDERELLA".  Hilarious.
But seriously, Palmer was in heaven.  He loved everything about the trip and I wish we had time to pack in more of the interactive exhibits.
Palmer spends a lot of time reading space books and knows quite a bit of technical information.  To see the inter workings of "space" in the flesh and to learn more proved to be very valuable.  The kids played "rocket ship" back home a lot of the rest of the weekend.

When asked if Palmer wants to go to space one day, he usually says, "No.  I want to work in Mission Control."  If I explained something to Palmer during the tour, he would often reply with, "I know, mom.  I'm already in training."  Ummm, there is always room to learn more, buddy.
During our tram tour to Historic Mission Control and the astronaut training facility, Palmer paid pretty close attention to what the tour guide was saying (especially for a 4.5 year old in a tour really designed for adults.)  And Olivia, Persis, and Grace were troopers.  I know these ladies were bored at times, but really played along for Palmer's sake.
Later in the weekend, I put on the movie Apollo 13 to see if Palmer would really sit down and watch an entire adult space flick.  Sure enough, he was fully engaged (with many, many questions) throughout the entire movie.  I'll have to add Gravity to our movie night list next.

Good night from Palmer and his new friend, Cosmo:

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