Thursday, October 1, 2015

Football Fun

Although my Southwestern University alma mater doesn't have a football team, we've taken full advantage of our "hometown" team, SMU, and enjoy tailgating boulevarding during the fall.

Rick actually spent more years at SMU with his two graduate degrees than he did at his undergrad (A&M), so that definitely makes us a pony family.  (And Aunts Samantha and Amanda are SMU grads...)

Anyway, several of our friends have longstanding tent spots on the boulevard and we love to let the kids run around with their friends while we enjoy social time.

Grace's posse (aka siblings of Palmer's friends):
And please note, we don't actually go to the game.  We had free tickets to the Baylor game and lasted there 15 minutes.
It's much more fun to let the kids play outside and in bounce houses than to try to restrain them in stadium seats.

Supporting another local team, we went with Samantha to see the kids who she used to nanny for in her college days.  Now all grown up, Carson is a senior football player and Alexandra is a freshman cheerleader.
We had a ball attending the homecoming game.  We ate at the cheerleader fundraiser dinner and the kids had a blast on the "dance floor" playing with older kids.
And before the game, Palmer got a kick out of high-fiving the football players and coaches.
He proudly wore Carson and Alexandra's buttons on his shirt.
To top it off, one of Palmer's friends happened to be sitting a few rows from us, so the boys sat together and obsessed about when they could go down to the snack bar and get popcorn.  (They were SUPER into the game. ha.)
Samantha's visit centered around SMU's homecoming weekend and we enjoyed a family boulevard outing.  (Please note Palmer's need to wear the high school football buttons to the SMU game, too.)
Fun with cheerleaders:
Hopefully all of our football outings don't have enough of an effect on Palmer for him to want to play.  I really would like to avoid him getting involved with the sport when he is older.  As Rick says, I just like to enjoy other people's kids risking their life for my enjoyment.  Um, something like that.


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