Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Neighborhood Bike Races

On Sunday afternoon, our doorbell rang and a neighbor boy wanted to know if Palmer was home.  I told the kid Palmer was napping and was asked if Palmer "wanted a ticket for the bike races at 3pm".

Umm, yes he did!!

Upon Palmer's wake up, I informed him of his invitation to participate in the bike race.  Usually grumpy after a nap, Palmer leaped out of bed and went into the garage to quickly get his helmet and bike.

Ticket in hand, we were around the corner at the starting line in minutes.

The biker gang:
A handful of kids ranging from 4 to 9 took this race very seriously.  With a few bossy girls taking charge, kids were organized into age ranges along the starting line initially.
Eventually all the kids raced at one time in a block-long dash downhill, u-turn, and back uphill (parents guarded from cars at both ends of the block).
The peanut gallery:
Palmer mostly enjoyed leaving black tire skid marks by braking as hard as he could during the u-turn.  Yes, I do worry about what he will do with a car one day...

Sunday Funday.

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