Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Y'all

Praise God, the temperatures have dropped a little.

September is always that month where in your head, you think it's supposed to be fall-like.  But in reality, it's still hot enough to go swimming and you are mad about it every single day.  (Our local pool just extended their hours into November.  November, folks.)
Anyway, last week the temperatures lowered a tad and we have been celebrating with fall-like activities.

The beauty of the State Fair is that it is 5 minutes from our house and when I have cool perks like free media entrance and parking passes, it makes going to the fair on a weekday night for "dinner" a breeze.
Rick got home a little early the other night and we zipped on over to the fair for a few hours. Unfortunately, it's always a risk when a stranger takes your photo in front of Big Tex.  Poor little Grace didn't make it in the frame for our family photo:
I let the kids pick two rides each.  Palmer picked this slide and a pirate ship fun house.  Ever since the slide, Palmer and Rick have been fighting over who won.  You be the judge.  (I'm always going to side with the underdog and vote for Palmer.)
Grace is so teeny tiny that we had a hard time finding a ride that would allow someone of her height.  She loved this ride with Rick:
Sweet buddies:

I'm loving our fall schedule of school/work.

On Fridays, neither kid has school and I've been dubbing the day "Fun Friday" with activities and outings.  Last week, we went to the Perot Museum for the first time in quite awhile.
I like to think I get wiser with age and instead of pushing the kids thru each floor, I sat back and let them spend the entire morning in the children's portion of the museum.
I loved seeing Palmer mature in the way he played since our last visit.  He did things like shop in the pretend market by using a provided grocery list where he could count out "4 apples, 3 bananas, and 1 onion" for his basket.  He also learned about how dams work and why it's important to utilize the structures to keep lake levels high or low.

And fall wouldn't be fall in Texas without hunting season.  Rick and Palmer have been out dove hunting a few times.  (For Palmer this simply means he gets to shoot his BB gun at the beginning and then sit down and watch a movie on his iPad- a true treat.)
Aunt Amanda and Elle joined the fun one weekend.  (Aunt Bethany did not.)
This is such a fun time of year and we are already looking ahead to Halloween fun in the next few weeks!


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