Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Art Scavenger Hunt

Ideally, Friday mornings are a special time I try to map out and set aside for the kids.  It's a morning in the week where they don't have school and I try to avoid my part-time work.  Although it doesn't always align this way, I've made an extra concerted effort lately to make these morning specials before the summer crowds join our stomping grounds and ahead of the pending Kindergarten and elementary years with Mr. Palmer.

Last Friday was such a fun activity- we went to the Dallas Museum of Art...and had a treasure hunt.
I spent time online trying to figure out how I could make the art museum fun for our preschoolers.  I learned there are differently themed paper guides that can be picked up at the front desk.  On each guide are a few highlighted pieces of art located within the gallery.

We picked up the "under the sea"-themed guide and went on a scavenger hunt thru the floors of the museum looking for our four pieces of art.
Although we knew the general vicinity of each piece, they were tough to actually spot...especially this tiny silver spoon on our list.
Palmer was so excited each time he scouted a piece.
Grace just enjoyed running around all of the exhibits, with an occasional stop to ponder life.

Camouflaged by several school field trips, we blended into the children's crowd and made ourselves at home- running and happily exploring all of the art.  Both children needed to be routinely reminded NOT TO TOUCH(!!)


And what better time to learn about not touching art than upon the same week as the arrival of this beauty at our home.
 We did a barter with our duplex tenants, who are interior designers and artists.  I commissioned and they made this gorgeous number for our front hall entry in exchange for partial rent.


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