Thursday, May 12, 2016

Golf Cart Vs. Palmer and Mother's Day

What started as a lazy evening of Rick taking the two kids golfing turned into a trip to the ER last week.  I was thrilled both kids were finally going out with Rick and planned to meet them later at the club for dinner.

Instead, I got a call from Rick to meet at an Urgent Care clinic.  Palmer popped up before the golf cart came to a complete stop, tripped, and face planted on the cement cart path.
His front tooth nearly went thru his lip and the doctor at the urgent care sent us straight to a pediatric ER.  Several hours later, it was determined that because the injury was on the inside of the mouth and the tooth didn't go all the way thru, no stitches were needed.  I'm not sure if we are supposed to be grateful for no stitches or upset that we didn't get our money's worth at the ER and aghast at the expensive cost for some neosporin.
After spending the late evening hours at the hospital, Palmer was armed with a very fat lip for his early morning Kindergarten placement interview the next morning.  Talk about bad timing.  I was ready to tell the teacher all about Palmer's late night, but the teachers had no interest in parent interaction (blame over-competitive parents) and quickly whisked Palmer away before I could explain his appearance.

We spent the rest of Mother's Day weekend with a fun trip to the Arboretum Children's Garden.
It has been awhile since we've been to the garden and I love how the kids are getting old enough to start interacting with all of the science exhibits.
We are gearing up for the summer months and enjoying lunch dates on the patio before the heat engulfs Texas along with splash park fun.
Mother's Day was sweet and filled with grilling out on the back porch (with homemade hats).
This little gal stared at that cucumber bit for nearly two hours.  Standoff.  Fun.
 And topped off with a lovely morning breakfast of French pastries and lattes.
 Thumbs up all around (that's for you Aunt Samantha and Holly):

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