Friday, May 20, 2016

Our Fixer Upper, Before and After Part 3

Things have quieted down a little on the remodel project- we are between the major first push of work I documented here and here and the next big project happening some time this summer (turning the kids' large walk-in closets into bedrooms).

In the meanwhile, I did knock out the downstairs bathrooms.  We have two bathrooms on the first floor, one small powder room off of the kitchen and another larger bathroom off of the guest room.

I decided to keep both toilet rooms in the same genre since they are on opposite sides of the house and used them as anchors to hold down the ends with the same geometric blue and white wallpaper.  I like the dramatic effect and hope it will continue to modernize this house as we work thru it room by room.

And by the way, that brick flooring will all become hardwood at a later date. (Despite Samantha's hard lobbying to keep them brick!)

The tiny powder room didn't need a lot of updates- new wallpaper, new lighting, new fixtures, and a mirror.  I will update the flooring with either hardwoods or tile once we gut the whole kitchen next year.


The guest bathroom was a much larger project.  We inherited a bathroom with carpet, a giant brown cast iron bathtub, a brown sink, and brown 7-gallon toilet.
The toilet immediately came out and we originally planned to resurface that brown bath tub a white color and add a shower head (after going with the assumption that our guests didn't want to come here and only bathe).  The previous owners had me convinced that the bath tub was so expensive and nice that nobody in their right mind would ever want to remove it.
After working and struggling to transform the tub space to accommodate a shower, my dear new neighbor across the street said, "why are you trying to put lipstick on a pig? You have two other tubs upstairs and don't need one here.  Take it out and put in a glass shower!" Aha! Genius.  The 600-pound tub came out (with the help of a lot of strong men) and went back to its original owners who told me they wanted their tub back!
We updated the countertops from brown/cream/rust-colored porcelain tiles to marble, added wallpaper, switched out the faucet hardware and sink.
The carpet came out and was replaced with hexagon marble floor tile. (I love the colors variation in the flooring units.)
The cabinet doors were repainted and we added new pulls.  New lighting was installed.


 I love the brushed gold faucet, what my friend Carson calls "the jewelry" of the bathroom.
Now, just two more bathrooms to go: our master bath (another ambitious project) and the kids' bathroom.



  1. I love it! what about painting the brick? Did you do the wall paper yourself??

    1. I'm thinking of Sheetrock over the brick walls in some areas, but haven't decided what to do with all the brick yet. It's ambitious to deal with all of it.
      Wallpaper- oh goodness no. I have a good wallpaper guy.

  2. So, so pretty! Loving the wallpaper!

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