Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Garden Experiment

Across the street from our new house are the sweetest neighbors.  We were welcomed on day one with a fresh and hot dinner and they haven't backed down much from that.

When they went out of town, they employed Palmer to water their vegetable gardens.  (The arrangement was $1/visit, to which Palmer informed them he was going to come 1300 times.
Palmer (and I) showed an interest in their garden and on my birthday, a lovely package showed up with several vegetable plants and a note that the neighbors would be willing to build a raised bed for me if I had any interest.

Sure! Let's give it a whirl!
I've always done fresh herbs, but vegetables and fruits are a new feat.  Palmer and I discussed what we might want and opted for tomatoes, peppers, jalapeños, okra, cucumbers (Palmer's new favorite thanks to Nana), and baby watermelon.  The watermelon is probably ambitious given our limited space, but the children and father in this family LOVE watermelon, so why not?
We're watering and watching closely.  And hoping all of the wildlife from our lush and creek-filled backyard don't wander up.  (Hello, bobcats and coyotes.)

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