Thursday, May 26, 2016

Grace's BirthDAY

We had such a fun day celebrating Grace and embraced our new plan to try to do parties for the kids every other year.  Palmer had a party this year and Grace will have a party next year.  Rick and I are trying to manage expectations with our children and teach them gratitude- therefore, we don't want them to expect a large party every year.... We will make the day special in its own way, whether that is defined with the addition of 25 kids or not.

Birthday donuts and balloons in the morning for Grace:
 Such a proud brother! This little guy couldn't wait to wake his sister up to celebrate her birthday.
Palmer's soccer team had an end of season party at a favorite neighborhood restaurant later in the afternoon, so we took a cake to that party and called it a day.  Grace was so excited to go to "her party".  
Umm, we didn't spill the beans that Palmer received a soccer medal and played with his friends at "her party".
Oh look, here's a younger sibling of another soccer player and one of Grace's friends.  See, this must be her party after all! ha
 Grace talked all week about wanting "chocolate cake" for her birthday.  So, chocolate cake she got!
Happy birthday to our dear two year old!

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