Monday, September 26, 2011

Boston's Water Bowl

I split the afternoon in the kitchen between cooking and distracting Palmer from his new obsession: Boston's water bowl.  Seriously, obsession.  Palmer kept crawling over to the bowl and if I didn't catch him in time, would knock over all of the water.  And laugh.

He was successful about 4 times and unsuccessful about 10.  I put him across the kitchen and sat him facing the opposite direction.  Immediately, he turned around and crawled back to the bowl.
Someone needs to learn what the word "NO" means.  Pronto.

CHARD CANNELLONI:  I was trying to make this while Palmer kept knocking over the bowl.  I substituted the swiss chard for spinach and mustard greens because that's what we got in the co-op bin and also added beef to half of the dish for my meat-loving hubby.


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