Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm Sort Of Having Fun...

I took Palmer to the park yesterday and was so excited to introduce him to the swings. (I was also anxious to get us out of the warm-weather rut of being cooped inside with toys.)

On the way to the park, I thought he might enjoy a fast run in the jogging stroller.  Unfortunately, every time I looked at him, he seemed much more fascinated with his toy camel.  I don't think he even noticed the scenery pass him by.  Tough crowd.

When we got the park, I thought for sure he would LOVE the swings.

Well...I'll let you be the judge from the picture.  (Notice how I taught him to hold on tightly and everything.)
It's not that he had a BAD time, it's just that he wasn't that impressed.  And then a bigger kid came up and got on the swing next to Palmer.  Of course, at that point Palmer became much more interested in watching the other kid swing.

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