Sunday, September 18, 2011

So long...

It's a sad sad day.  I am saying good bye to a dear friend.

A few years ago, I brought this branch from the backyard into my living room after being inspired by a design article that touted "bringing the outside in".  I was so proud of myself to discover the interesting branch and even prouder to decorate and not spend a dime.
My dear sweet husband came home and his response: "Why is there a stick in our living room?"

First, it's not a stick.  It's a branch.  Second, it's art.  Don't you love it??

Well, I have loved it for several years and Rick has hated it for several years.  (I won this argument since it's obviously still in the living room.)

Until today.

Palmer is much more mobile and active.  He is scooting across the floor and pulling up on things.  So, good bye to my dear friend.  I fear you might cause some harm with my son.

Don't worry.  I'm just putting you in the garage for safe keeping. I'll bring you out again one day soon.

DR PEPPER BRAISED PULLED PORK:  Pulled pork was served on buns at my friend Anna's birthday party the other night.  The perfect combination of spice and sweetness made for such a tasty meal that I just had to have the recipe.  Pioneer Woman Spicy Dr. Pepper Braised Pork


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