Friday, September 9, 2011


We can go outside again!!! If you live in this city, then you know what I'm talking about. Oh my goodness.  This summer's heat was beyond oppressive and it's funny to see the little hop in everybody's step now that the temps have cooled a bit.  It's amazing what 10-20 degrees can do!

Palmer, check it out.  This is what we call GRASS:
 Oh no.  Don't look so sad.

Oh, I see.  You are trying to tell me you need a nap.  Well, let's nap outside!
Another trip to the ballpark (complete with drool marks all over Palmer's baseball outfit):
And lastly, check out the latest video of Palmer on the move.  He is working very hard at crawling every day.  His little knees are bright red with rug burn to prove it. (Side note: From the video, I learned I overuse the "good job".  Hmm.  Good to know.)

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