Thursday, September 15, 2011

Helping Hand

Palmer is very helpful these days.
He likes to help with the laundry:
And hold his own bottle:
 And help daddy test-drive a Vespa.  (You may recall the bug Rick got to own a scooter after our trip to Key West.  Last Saturday, Rick informed me that Palmer and he needed to go do "man things" aka go buy a Vespa.  I will admit, it's pretty fun to drive.)
We also snuck in some tailgating "boulevarding" at the SMU football game last weekend.
 Since my alma mater doesn't have a football team, Rick has two graduate degrees from SMU, and both Aunt Amanda and Aunt Samantha are SMU alums...

...we've adopted SMU as our unofficial home team.
 Palmer playing with some of his buddies on the boulevard:
 "Never let me go."

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