Thursday, May 8, 2014

Me and My Boy

I'm getting a little weepy about my last days with just one child.  I'm excited about having a little girl and about Palmer having a sister, but I'm still sad that our special days of 100% one-on-one time are nearing an end.

Recently, a friend suggested I try to plan a special "Mommy and Palmer Day" before our baby girl arrives.  I've been wanting to take Palmer to the drive-thru Texas safari, Fossil Rim, for some time and when we couldn't coordinate a date with friends and I realized that precious time is running out, I decided to go spur-of-the-moment.

Although I was a little nervous to drive 1.5 hours away from town (in case of labor), I did make a mental note of several small-town hospitals on the way to our destination.

First stop: Dairy Queen, also known as "Texas' Small Town Stop Sign".  Palmer LOVED his Dilly Bar ice cream treat.  (What Texas kid doesn't have fond childhood memories of a Dilly bar??)
I'm not sure if Palmer was more excited about seeing the animals or sitting in the front seat of the car!  We picked up a big bag of animal feed to entice the animals to our car windows.
Palmer kept yelling out the windows, "Heeeey, animals!!! I have food for you!!!!!"
However, when we had friends like the one below come and actually visit us, he was a little terrified.  
"Mom!! Save me! Save me!" Palmer was especially squeemish about a very large and ugly bird putting his head thru my window.  "Mom!  Drive away! Drive away!"  It reminds me of the last time I visited Fossil Rim when I was about 10 yrs old and got bit by an ostrich thru the car window.

One happy boy with his head out the window:
We loved the giraffes and Palmer was totally impressed/scared out of his mind when I fed the giraffes out of my hand.  "Mom!! Are they biting you??"
I'm so glad we took the risk and made the drive out to Fossil Rim.  It was such a fun day and Palmer had many tales to tell Rick when we got home.  Meanwhile, no baby over here (although I am going to see my chiropractor in a little while and may have her sneak in some of her labor-inducing acupuncture tricks!)


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