Thursday, May 29, 2014

Grace's Hospital Stay/Mommy's Vacation

Sometimes it takes a major surgery to get waited on hand and foot, but I couldn't help but marvel how Grace's hospital stay seemed like more like a mini-vacation from reality and less like a serious medical encounter.

Grace was delivered via a scheduled c-section, so despite my insistence that she was going to come early, Rick and I went to the hospital as planned on May 22nd.  It's always surreal when the doctors pull a real, live baby out of my stomach.  A true miracle of life.

Grace is absolutely perfect, healthy, and showed us a vigorous personality as she cried nonstop for the first two hours of her life.  (She hasn't really cried since those two hours.)
I was very anxious about Palmer's first meeting of Grace.  Although the recovery room was a little overwhelming for our three year old, Palmer did great and was excited to meet his sister.
Knowing what was waiting back home, Rick and I both tried to soak up as much one-on-one and quiet time with our new baby girl before we headed home to the craziness of two children.
We had plenty of visitors, but I also had a lot of wonderful alone time because Rick spent time outside of the hospital making sure Palmer's world wasn't too rocked.
On Saturday, Rick and Palmer went to karate as usual and then went for a boy's-only hike.
I asked Palmer for several days if he wanted to hold his new sister.  Of course, he wasn't ready until he came back sweaty and smelling of nature from his father-son hike.  After insisting Palmer wash his hands, take off his shirt, and we covered the rest of his body with pillows, Palmer finally held Grace for the first time.
And then this adorableness happened:
I think it's safe to say we are all wrapped around this little girl's finger.


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  1. Love your hospital gown. She is beautiful! I know you are enjoying your daughter!