Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Boys vs. The Girls

Maybe it's my fault.  I'm the one who had our newborn photographer pose Palmer in front of a "No Girls Allowed" sign when he was ten days old.  And I'm the one who hung the said sign above his bedroom door.

But, never did I expect such gender rivalry out of my three year old.  All I can say is, "Thank goodness we are about to have a girl in our family."

Palmer's testosterone is surging at the moment.  Every possible scenario turns into, "Mommy, the boys (that would be Rick and Palmer) can do this and the girls can't."

Every. Possible. Scenario.

For example, I made up a batch of cookies last night.  I put the cookies into the oven.  I took the cookies out to cool.  Palmer sees the finished product and says, "Are these for the boys, mom?"  No, little kid.  These are for me.  And maybe I'll share.

Or the one day when Palmer told me that Porsches are for boys because there are only two seats: one for daddy and one for Palmer.

Or the day when we got a trampoline and Palmer said that "the boys can jump on the trampoline because they don't have babies in their bellies".  (That's actually good rationale, dang it.)

Or the day when Palmer declared that cereal/go-carts/race cars/ice cream/ball caps are only for the boys.
You get the point.  And the problem is: the sole girl in the family isn't that fun right now.  I'm physically limited and probably a little cranky at the end of the pregnancy.  So, the little guy actually has a point because I probably actually can't do a lot of the things he is talking about.



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