Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our Family of Three

On the night before Palmer was born, Rick and I celebrated our last night as a couple with a wonderful date night.  

This time around, Rick and I wanted a moment to again celebrate each other, but also time to honor our last days as a family of three.

A few days ahead of Grace's birth, Rick and I made time for a date night at newish restaurant I've been wanting to try, CBD Provisions.  We had a wonderful meal and stayed out on the town until the crazy hour of 9:15pm.  Ha!
On our last weekend, we spent time on the golf course (aka Rick and Palmer played golf and I met them for dinner at the club afterwards!)  We also met up with friends from Palmer's playgroup to visit the vintage kiddie amusement park, Sandy Lake Park.  Three of us mommas from the group were pregnant, so we let the dads take the children on all of the rides while we watched.  Palmer thought the park was so much fun and has already made requests to return with his new sister, Grace.
I had a lot of anxiety about our last moments with Palmer and was very nervous to say good bye before we went to the hospital.  Nana came in town to stay with Palmer during the hospital stay.  She joined us for dinner at one of our favorite neighborhood haunts on the night before Grace was born.
Then, we hit up a brand new gourmet popsicle shop for one last "special treat" before the big day.
And finally, the big morning arrived.  We tearfully (okay, maybe "I tearfully") said good bye to our little boy and told him to come see us at the hospital in a few hours to meet his little sister.  
Palmer, you will always be our special boy. You will be the best big brother.


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