Monday, May 25, 2015

Grace's First Birthday

Despite a somewhat hectic week where I overcommitted to too many freelance assignments, we managed to have a special day of celebration for Grace's birthday.

Grace woke up to a brother who was very excited about her monumental day.  Palmer insisted that Grace immediately open her presents:
Palmer spent a long time determining the best present to give his sister.  At one point, he had me searching Amazon (the only way we shop around here) for "a pink unicorn or pony that has lights and no legs like (cousin) Elle has".  Unfortunately, we never quite found what was in his mind, but he did settle on a very sweet and special present.

Palmer's most prized possession in life is his stuffed monkey, George.  He decided Grace needed to meet "George's sister" and got her a pink monkey (who he named North Pole).
George meets North Pole.  Rick and I suggested the name, "Georgia," and were quickly dismissed. (Silly us.)
A family board from mom and dad:
I have a little string of lights wrapped with ribbons that I like to run down the stairs for Christmas and birthday mornings.  Grace was quite tickled over the strand of lights:
Birthday waffles with candles:
Little gal had her one-year doctor's appointment in the afternoon.  Special thanks to Paw Paw for being an extra hand because we sadly had to hold her down while two vials of blood were drawn in addition to four shots.  Grace's skin is in a continual state of break-out and the blood draw was to help determine all of her potential allergens.  Poor baby.
And finally, a birthday dinner at IHOP.  (The location was not in the original plan, but when our plan busted- we scrambled and panicked. ha.)
Happy first birthday, little Grace.  We love you so much and celebrate you joining our family in this happy first year.

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