Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's Summer!!!

Palmer ran into our room Saturday morning yelling, "TODAY IS SUMMER!!!"  
In Palmer's world, the last day of school was Friday, so the official start to summer is underway.  As one friend said, "The pools aren't open for another month and the high school babysitters aren't available yet!"  Eek.

Nevertheless, we have a fun summer planned and are looking forward to some pool weather in the near future.  
The last day of school for Palmer was a milestone because Palmer was at this sweet school since he was three months old.  Next year, he is going to go to a new school for 4s/Pre-K.  We've had many good times over the years, but are also looking forward to a neighborhood option where we can meet potential new elementary friends in his last preschool year.

Palmer on the school steps when he was 1.5 (crazy sock day):
Palmer on his last day at the age of 4:
 Last day of school picnic with Miss Mary and the class:
The boys in this class just love each other so much (and likewise torment the girls):
First day and last day of school for Mr. Palmer.  Why are those legs getting so long?!?
 These two are trouble.  Little G is becoming a wild child!
Such a change from the start of the school year with these munchkins:

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