Monday, May 4, 2015

Sous Chef

We've got another cook in the house!  
Palmer has always shown interest in kitchen "cooking crafts".  However, recently he's taken it a step further and wanted to make the family a meal based on a new cookbook he got for his birthday.  Gram and Paw Paw purchased this cookbook along with some kitchen essentials for our little chef.  

The book is great because each recipe is carefully illustrated in step-by-step instructions.  After poring over the details of each item, Palmer settled on "salad bar" and "green spaghetti" (green is P's favorite color) for our first dinner.  This was quite a surprising choice because Palmer doesn't necessarily like salad and there were definitely more yummy-looking options.
Nevertheless, Palmer worked to make each salad ingredient look like the picture.  He asked me if we were making "salad" and I quickly assured him the final product would be "salad bar bowls".  That assured him to keep going.
He was very proud to serve up everyone's salad bar bowls.

And now, I understand why he wanted to make the salad bar.  Who doesn't love a dinner of cheese, raisins, and croutons??
We all got what we wanted in this meal...  Smart boy!


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