Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day is one of my favorite holidays because I truly feel loved and like I have "earned" a day to be honored.  I get funny about my birthday because I didn't do anything for it (thanks, mom!) but on Mother's Day, I have no problem with a little spoiling.

Palmer's preschool teacher was so sweet to organize a special tea for the mothers of Palmer's class.  Palmer worked for several weeks to put together various items needed during the tea and often spoke about the pending event.

On the morning of the tea, Palmer requested I wear "a dress and a ponytail".  He came downstairs in his "daddy jacket".  Upon arrival at the school, it was so sweet to see all of the kids waiting patiently at each of their tables for the mothers to arrive.

Palmer had wonderful manners during the tea and although his behavior was left to be desired during the class performance of songs (imagine all the kids singing sweet Mother's Day songs and Palmer trying to tackle his fellow classmates mid-song), I was very honored to be his date.
I love my children very dearly, but sometimes the best way to celebrate being a mom is to be alone and without them for a little while.  Some neighborhood moms took a weekend trip to a family lake house for Mother's Day weekend.  Our days were filled with cooking great food, drinking spicy margaritas, talking and relaxing, hiking, and reading.  It was perfect bliss.
Meanwhile, Rick took the kids to his family lake house for a weekend filled with Rick's family and one mission: fix the tree house.  There is a tree house on Pops' property where the kids have wanted to play, but a few loose board and a missing rail have made the structure a tad unsafe.  Aunt Amanda's boyfriend, the engineer, came to the lake with a plan for a new and improved structure.
The adults (and kids) worked furiously to build a new tree house.
 I hear Grace spent a good amount of the day in her stroller staring at the work in amazement.
 And a new swing under the play structure kept her entertained another large part of the afternoon.
Rick and my plan was for our immediate family to meet back in Dallas Saturday night.  The weather had another idea and while I dodged a tornado in the dark to get home (not my smartest move), Rick decided to stay one more night at the lake and head back on Mother's Day morning.

When I woke at 7am to tornado sirens, we quickly learned that more weather in the area was going to keep our family from rejoining for a bit longer...

I enjoyed an unexpected (but I'm not gonna lie- nice) quiet morning at home with a book and a meteorologist on the TV.

The kids had a little more cousin time:
When I finally saw my children on Mother's Day, I was greeted with special handmade cards, flowers, and ingredients for a Mother's Day cake.

We went to Fort Worth for a quick ice cream date to celebrate my mom (and a fabulous new place called Melt).
The whirlwind weekend ended back in Dallas with a healthy dinner of cake.
Sugar, solitude, and my family.  I couldn't ask for anything better.

And mom, thank YOU for all you do.  You are a rock in our family and an inspiration and example to my children.  You taught me to be independent and adventurous and I thank you for the lessons you are now teaching to my newest generation.

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  1. Love that picture of Palmer waiting for you-his smile is the sweetest! We are walking through some awesome times right now!