Friday, May 22, 2015

ONE YEAR(?!?) With Grace

Oh my.  I truly can't believe our little gal is a year old.  With Palmer, I was a little sad at his one-year-mark, but for some reason, I'm not as sad with Grace.  Maybe it's because she is a lot tinier than Palmer was and compared to my 4-year-old, she still very much seems like a baby.
Our girl is growing in many ways, but she is also still so little and cuddly that I'm not ready to say good bye to her baby days just yet....

Grace and Miss Kitty at One Year:
Lil' miss is on the move!

One-Year Stats:
Height: 28 3/4 inches (42%)
Weight: 18 lb, 9 ounces (31%)
Head: 44.5 cm (34%)
Teeth: 2 (Lord, girl.  When are you going to get more teeth??)

Walking Practice: Grace is so very close to walking and will be walking any day now.  Meanwhile, she is most happy to be holding someone's hand while practicing this skill.
Working Out: Grace likes to plank it out to get in beach-body shape for the summer.
When she isn't working on her abs, she does bear crawls to stay in shape:
Or she does spin on her bike:
Saying "Bubba": It's hard to believe from these videos that Grace does actually say "mama", but I swear it's true.  Nevertheless, Grace likes her brother ("Bubba") and preferred to talk about him on this particular day:

Sand: We had a family outing at a nearby restaurant with a huge sand pit outside in which kids like to play.  Grace couldn't stop herself from eating sand.  I let her eat it a few times thinking she would find the substance gross and deter from eating again.  Nope.  She kept going for the sand.  I guess a beach vacation is out for this summer.
Being Bothered: Grace has started yelling when Palmer messes with her.  If he holds her hand or her foot or in any way keeps her from moving, she yells.  In this picture, Grace is yelling because Palmer is giving her a hug.  She's really cuddly.

Grace, you are loved by so many and we can't believe this year went by so fast and yet we can't imagine life without you.  From Grandma Grace (the inspiration for your name) to the entire family, we adore you and are thrilled to celebrate this first year with you.

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