Monday, April 4, 2011

Am I Crazy?

In addition to having a new one week old baby, I have somehow been talked into opening my home for the neighborhood home tour.  When is the tour, you ask? three weeks.  Right.

So, one week old Palmer.  Check.  He's doing fabulous and really adjusting to his new schedule.
Home tour.  Well, not so much check just yet.  I spent the weekend enjoying the fabulous weather from the front yard.  It's time to get new flowers in the ground so that their little roots can get strong in time for home tour weekend.


Palmer and daddy stayed indoors and watched basketball (go women Aggies!) and the Texas Rangers sweep the Red Sox.
Palmer also met some of his future BFFs.  The older boys played cars and Palmer learned the ropes.  He'll be sure to participate soon.
 Palmer's friend, Matney.
Palmer is happy to have his Gram (my mother) here this week to help out.  He's already exhausted from playing in the garden with her this afternoon.

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