Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mommy and Me

This week was the first time for the Jordan family to be all alone together.  We had wonderful (and much needed) help for the first few weeks and this was the start of establishing a new sense of normality.  

So, what did we do?  Well, we took Palmer to a sports bar to cheer on the Rangers.  Palmer is happiest when he is out and about. :)
Palmer couldn't keep his eyes off of the game:
During the day, it's just Palmer and me and we are quickly starting to establish a new rhythm and routine.  This, in turn, has resulted in Palmer waking up less in the middle of the night.  I had to check my watch several times when he slept for five hours straight a few nights ago.  I just couldn't believe it.

I am quickly learning how to maneuver around the house using one hand while carrying Palmer in the other.  And THE SLING is my absolute new favorite thing.  Suddenly, I can hold Palmer and have hands free to do other things.  It's genius.  I trimmed bushes in the front yard yesterday all while carrying Palmer in the sling.   Amazing.
 Sometimes, my morning playmate falls asleep on me:
 Palmer's first official play date with Clint and Katie's son, Charlie.  (As you can see from his face, Charlie was THRILLED to have a new friend.)
 Charlie was really interested in Palmer's play mat:
 The only problem was, Charlie had loftier goals for the play mat.  He turned it into a tent.
The two boys will be rough-housing before we know it!

Here is Palmer's main play mate, Boston.  They have already formed a close bond in the few short weeks:
Palmer took a break from his busy social calendar to visit daddy in his office. As usual, he slept thru the entire outing.
Aunt Samantha took Palmer shopping and said he was an excellent shopping companion:



  1. What a handsome blessing! Congrats Bethany!

  2. Aren't slings wonderful? Weston loved mine and I could cook dinner or fold laundry while he snoozed. You look like you are doing an amazing job and having fun too!