Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Palmer had a fun-filled Easter full of new surprises and traditions.

This was another one of those stressful mornings trying to get the whole family in their Easter Sunday best all the while taking time for feeding and naps and avoiding any major spit-up, etc. on all three of us before we actually left the house.

We also took time to take photos with Palmer's new Easter basket (thanks Aunt Adrienne) before we headed out to church.  
Gram made the special smocked Easter outfit and it brought back memories of my siblings and me wearing our newly smocked outfits made by my mom for Easter.  (My mom was especially mad the year that I did cartwheels in my new Easter dress, ripped the back of the dress and I had to write a paper about why that was not appropriate behavior.)
This was Palmer's first Sunday to attend church and we learned about a section of the sanctuary we had never paid attention to before: the back row.  Our seats were as close as possible to the door in case Palmer woke during the service.  What we had never realized before was that this section is filled with other frantic parents with the same mission.  We were surrounded by small babies and toddlers being vigorously entertained with books, ipods, and snacks.

Luckily, Palmer didn't stir thru the entire service and was especially peaceful when the choir sang along with the gorgeous Dallas Symphony music.
After brunch, we headed over to our neighborhood's annual Easter parade/hunt/party.  Can I just say that I love our neighborhood.  It is one of those rare gems in this country where everybody actually knows everybody.  The neighborhood is eccentric and has great traditions of hosting large holiday events.  In the spring, neighbors work for days on floats that cast a spin on the traditional Easter images. 
 The genius Scott Taylor crafted this Macy's style bunny float and Rick was one of the "handlers" for the parade.  Scott, we now have big expectations for you every year.  :)
Palmer was completely entertained when the float finally parked itself for the day at Scott's house.  Palmer stared at the balloons above his head for a long time.

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Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Disclaimer: Palmer's father is not responsible for, and in no way condoned, the kid's Easter attire.