Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a whole new world...

Not too long ago, I traveled with John McCain's campaign for NBC News.  The day before the 2008 election, we went to 7 states in one day.

So, why on earth was a "simple" Saturday morning spring photo shoot with Palmer and my niece, Elle, way more exhausting?

It sounded easy on paper: My sister-in-law, Amanda, had scheduled Elle to take spring photos at the beautiful Dallas arboretum.  She asked if I could bring Palmer to join for some of the shots.

Sure, I said.  I'll put him in a cute outfit and that will be that, right?  In FACT, this is so easy that I'll even encourage Rick to go play golf Saturday morning.

Big mistake.

I got up at 6am in order to start getting myself and Palmer both photo ready.  We were still late, by 20 minutes.

Here is my healthy breakfast, a half-eaten loaf of bread, that I kept grabbing as I happened to pass the kitchen.  When did my meals begin looking like this?

Innocent me before we got started:

The arboretum is packed.  Of course, it makes sense.  It's the weekend before Easter and we aren't the only ones who have the great idea to hire a photographer to shoot spring shots of the kiddos.

I've decided photo shoots are no longer fun.  They are now stressful.  Between getting Elle to smile and Palmer not to cry, I would be surprised if the poor photographers got any good shots.  Bless their hearts.
 Bribing Elle with goldfish:
 Unsuccessfully trying to keep the two babies in one place:
 Now, Palmer is screaming (and yes, his outfit is too big for him but gosh, it is cute):

At noon, my mother asked me what I was doing for the day.  I laughed and said I was too exhausted for much more.

However, Saturday was also my 30th birthday.  Since we had wonderful sitters lined up, Rick and I went on our first date post-Palmer.  Rick surprised me with tickets to a Mavericks playoff game.  Palmer was absolutely fine with his first babysitter.  I was a wreck....

Note: we weren't as hard-core as this fan. The playoffs really bring out the best people-watching.  :)
And here's one sweet photo of daddy and Palmer to end:


  1. One of the most stressful days as a new mom was the day we took Davis' newborn photos. Never again will I tackle this again without mega backup. By then end we were both crying!

  2. I wish I could say those photos get better as they age...I hate picture day. And, everytime I tell myself afterwards not to have any expectations the next time. I always have some sort of expectation, and I'm always disappointed. But, that doesn't stop me from doing it again 6 months later!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Bethany! Palmer is so handsome. Love the outfit. I'm sure the cousin shots will be treasures some day!

  4. Oh yeah, Samantha. We did the newborn photos 6 days after he was born (those pics are coming soon). And yes, I also felt like crying. I thought I was such a bad mom because the photographer knew how to make him stop crying and I had no idea. haha.

    Kelly, You are probably right. We'll be right back at it in 6 months.

    Ashleigh, COME SEE US.