Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Faces and Places

Palmer is growing every day and getting more adept to being out and about.  Our weekend was full of visitors and new activities. 
My college roommate, Jill, came in town from Boston and met our two week old.

Uncle Luke and his girlfriend, Holly, also came to visit for the weekend.  I took Palmer up to the club to watch Luke and daddy play some tennis:
Aunt Samantha and Holly watching the guys' match:
Since we were there, I couldn't resist some great photo ops.  Sadly, Palmer slept thru our photo shoot.  :)  (And for those of you worried about Palmer's sun exposure, I only pulled the little car seat shade down for the photos.  The rest of the time, he was completely covered!)

Future tennis star?

Or maybe he needs to get started on his golf lessons?
Palmer loves his Aunt Samantha!

 On Sunday, Holly ran her first half marathon.
 The race was in my neighborhood, so Luke and I took Palmer around to cheer her on at various places in the race.

Holly is the runner on the very right behind Palmer.  She did so great!
After all of the activity, Palmer was completely exhausted and helped daddy watch the Masters all afternoon.
Aunt Amanda at the end of the weekend with a very tired boy:


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