Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How Do You Play With A Newborn?

It's sometimes a challenge for me to know how to play with the baby.  Our play sessions usually involve a lot of watching and encouraging Palmer to learn about his surroundings on the play mat...with Boston very nearby to make sure everything is okay.

Here is a typical morning in the Jordan household:


  1. Hey, Bethany! I have been enjoying your blog, especially about Palmer. You have a wonderful family. =) Because you asked about how to play with a newborn, I thought I would put in my two cents. I have a degree in child development and I worked at Gymboree Play and Music for two years (they teach parent-child classes for newborns to 5 year olds). The best kind of "play" with a newborn is all about the senses. You want to give him different sights, sounds, textures (to touch hands, feet, belly, legs, etc.), skip taste for now, and smells. I would suggest the Gymboree activity book, it is called 365 Activities You and Your Baby Will Love ( You can also get it at Barnes & Noble for about $10. The book contains activities for newborns up through 12 months (one activity for each day as your baby grows). You probably have a Gymboree Play and Music in your area too, and I would highly recommend it - the first class is free! Congratulations on your beautiful family!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I will check it out.