Monday, May 2, 2011

Neighborhood Home Tour

Well, we survived.

I have no idea what I was thinking when I accepted the invitation to participate in our neighborhood's home tour.  With a new baby, it was definitely a challenge to get the home "tour-ready".  But, with a lot of help and little rest the home tour is finally behind us.

The good news is the tour raised $44,000 for the neighborhood association and charities.  I'm also glad we participated because it forced me to finish most of my little ongoing house projects.  Almost 1,000 people walked thru our home and 4 others throughout the weekend.

Here are some shots of the house:
 These curtains went up 3 hours before the Friday night tour started:
 Photos hung on the stairs, including the newborn photos.  Whew.
 A local florist sponsored the home and did floral arrangements, including this sweet detail on the stairs:
 This room was almost empty a few weeks ago.  :)
 Sweet messages to Palmer on the chalkboard wall:
 Ugh.  And the landscaping.  This was the most challenging part.  Thanks to all who helped me pull this together and maintain it!
We made our visitors wear booties because of Palmer's new-ness.  (Thank goodness since it was rainy Sunday afternoon!)
Carson was one of the wonderful volunteers and even sneaked some time with Palmer during her shift:
Palmer hanging out on the back porch:
Although it was fun, I am so glad it's over! :)
In other news, Palmer is smiling.  I've tried so hard to capture it, but it's near impossible.  Here's the best I've gotten so far:



  1. The house looked great!!! - Brooke

  2. Your house is gorgeous!!! Want to switch? I love your design style and color schemes… love love love! It is like looking through a pottery barn catalog!