Monday, May 23, 2011

The Start of Summer

 Palmer is growing and learning new tricks skills every day. The other day, I put Palmer on his belly in front of the mirror and went downstairs to make some lunch.  I returned 5 minutes later to this:
 I turned him over on his belly again and within a minute, he rolled over for a second time.  Of course, when I bust out the camera to video the momentous occasion, I just get this:
 Palmer joined his buddy, Blythe, for an outdoor Kindermusik festival complete with a real train.

 I'm pretty sure mommy had more fun than Palmer on the ride, but oh well.  :)
 Sweet Blythe with her friend, "Baby Comer".  She's working on the "P" sound, still.
 Aunt Amanda held a birthday party at her house complete with a slip and slide. Palmer just had to try it out:
" I am one cool dude."
 The birthday honoree:
 Palmer also dipped his foot in the pool, but was a little confused about why it was much colder than his nightly bath.
 "Mom, this is making me tired.  Where's the bounce house?"
 Meanwhile, back at the slip and slide, cousin Elle showed Palmer how it was done.
 Strike a pose:
 Obligatory family photo:
It's going to be a fun summer!

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