Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two Months Old

Happy Two Month Birthday, Palmer.
We went to the doctor today for the two month check-up and shots.
Height: 23.5" (75th percentile)
Weight: 12 lbs, 7 oz (70th percentile)
Head: 37.5 cm (10th percentile)
(PS Only in America do we measure height in inches and head size in centimeters.  I'm just saying...)

I asked Rick to join us for the visit because I couldn't handle the shots.  Rick held Palmer's hand while I turned away and cried when I heard Palmer's screams.  (I wish I was joking; Rick thought I was nuts.)

Then, Palmer had a birthday party at the afternoon Rangers game.  Unfortunately, he was drugged up on Tylenol after the shots and too drowsy to enjoy the game.
 The big day capped off with a reading of Thomas The Train.  (I know what you are all thinking: "This guy really knows how to party!")


  1. um... so we have the same car seat, diaper bag and the same bjorn carrier! i think you can safely say great minds think alike!!! now, just if i could have your post baby body...

  2. Bethany, you look awesome!

    And, my mom was in town for the first shots! All three of us cried. Isabelle, me and my mom! We were a mess!