Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

My mother-in-law said it best when she said that Mother's Day will become my new favorite holiday.  I'm not a big birthday person (I mean, what did I do to earn a birthday celebration? I was just born.  Let's celebrate my parents who did the work instead.)  This year, Mother's Day has taken a whole new meaning for me.
First, MY mother was married on Friday night.  Although I don't have any pictures of the actual bride and groom or the ceremony (those are on a different camera that is now on the honeymoon), here are a few family shots.  Palmer was a great ring bearer and remained calm thru (almost all of) the ceremony.

Cousin Kalee meets Mr. Palmer:

The party was rocking way after Palmer's bedtime, so he changed into his jammies and kept partying with Holly. 
On Mother's Day, Palmer gave me the best gift of all and slept in until 8am (a first). (He was up at 5am, but who is counting?)  Then, daddy and Palmer made an elaborate breakfast.
In the evening, we went to friends for a BBQ where Palmer met his first cat:
 He was completely shocked by it:
And on a parting note, am I a bad mother if I leave my son outside on the back porch to nap? Palmer sleeps best outside and sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.


  1. Given the last two pics, it looks like Dad won't be happy about the electricity bill this month. Busted.

  2. I love the seersucker pants! Palmer is getting so big and so cute. We need to come meet him! I'll send you an email.