Friday, June 17, 2011

Confession Time

My local gym has free childcare and that has been great because it has allowed me to try to get back into pre-baby shape.  Lately, the lure of the gym has not been the workout as much as the baby-free shower/get ready time afterwards.  I've come to love my little gym locker room.  It's nothing fancy, but it's a little break of quiet time just for me during the day.

This morning the temps were only in the lower 90s and breezy (instead of the beating 100 degrees), so I went for a run with the stroller in the neighborhood instead.

Here comes the dilemma:  When I got home, I was completely covered in sweat and Palmer was completely awake and wanted to play.

What did I do?  Well, I packed my bag, headed to the gym, dropped Palmer off at the childcare, pretended to do a little weight lifting, and about 5 minutes later headed to the locker room to take a shower.

I might be a bad mom, but a clean mom is a happy mom.  :)



  1. Good for you! I remember days when I stuck Rhett in a bouncy seat, crying or not, just to take a shower. By the time, I got the hairdryer on, that helped (if he was crying). He liked the noise!

  2. That is great! You need your mom time to do something for you!